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she knows she's more than just a little misunderstood

she has trouble acting normal when she's nervous.

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Birthdate:Jun 20
Location:Florida, United States of America

the recluse

♠ Kelley. 21. F. Gemini. O+.

♠ works too hard. wants to become a tattoo artist. married to my best buddy some dweeb. rather elusive. believes most problems can be fixed with tea or booze. enjoys the rain. also my sweet ride. owns a chilean rose hair tarantula named "harriet". ex trailer trash. raised in the US south. existentialist. sometimes bitchy. sometimes super nice.

♠ plays video games like a lot. gay lawyers, mostly. collects very expensive dolls. roleplays way too many gay lawyers. kristoph gavin, mostly. likes to read. dislikes TV.

rp charactersfic journal

Interests (82):

abnormal psychology, albinism, androgyny, art, ball jointed dolls, beating up my husband, bjds, books, buusagi, cannibalism, chocolate almond milk, clove cigarettes, cruising for chicks, crush puny human, cryptozoology, cyberpunk, dinosaurs, dorris, drawring, dvd, experiments, explosions, fairy tales, fantasy, folklore, food in burrito form, forensics, frightening small children, fucking with my meds, gas masks, gay lawyers, glasses, glasses + scarf combo, happy trees, hentai, history, how i met your mother, jade is a date-rapist, keats, keats/typewriter, kristoph motherfucking gavin, kristoph/mirror, loki, making loud noises, miniature pigs, mirror/kristoph, mythology, nintendo, phoenix wright, photography, pirates, pretending to be godzilla, ps3, puck, rammstein, rappigs, ray bradbury, rocko's modern life, roleplaying, rufio, sanity, scarves, shiba inu, shitty music, soymilk, star wars, steel-toed boots, tales of the abyss, tattooing, tattoos, tea, the fifth element, the west memphis three, theology, tiny pigs omg, typewriter otp, unknown realms, video games, winter, x-men, zelda, zoology
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